Why Do I Need a Captain?


Your Safety Requires It!

 When you rent the entire vessel for a private outing, it falls under U.S. Coast Guard regulations and Illinois state laws for rental or bare boat operations.  You will complete a rental contract for the boat for a specified period of time (Much like an auto rental).  Since this novelty boat has some very specific operating and piloting challenges, an experienced and qualified captain is necessary for your safety and the safety of the vessel. 

What Does The Law Say?

You, the renter (Or charterer), must contact and hire a captain from our approved list.  The captain is in your employ for the duration of the rental period.  He or she absolutely does not work for McHenry Boat Adventures and cannot take any direction or orders from us.  You will pay and tip the captain directly.  We're sorry but the captain's rate or tip is prohibited from being collected or paid by us. 

Your Arrangements

After you have arranged for your captain of choice, they will meet you at the prescribed time of the rental on our dock.  Remember, the captain serves at your discretion and direction.  It is recommended that you use good judgement and fully consider your safety and that of your guests when the boat is in operation.  You are responsible for any damage to or caused by the vessel during the period of the rental and until the final inspection survey is completed at your return to the dock.

Safe Operating Recommendations

  1. It is recommended that the vessel remain in the "No Wake" area of the river.  Although seaworthy, it is an open boat designed for protected waters and waves less than one foot.
  2. It is recommended that the boat be operated at a slow no-wake speed.  You are responsible for wake damage, tickets issued by law enforcement authorities and injuries to your guests.
  3. It is recommended that you comply with all U.S. Coast Guard, Fox Waterway and Illinois state boating laws.
  4. Remember that while you have the boat under rental contract (Or charter) you are solely responsible for it just as if you were the owner!

Approved Captains

Our listing will be updated in Spring 2020




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